Love ’em or hate ’em, horror movies are more popular now than they have ever been. And for great reason. This decade has delivered a multitude of diverse horror options, smashing box office records, and even earning a slew of major awards nominations along the way. What’s more, the genre of late has taken a notable step forward out of the schlock, ceaseless sequels, and torture porn of the decade that preceded it and instead allowed fresh voices to give the genre a fresh coat of paint. Whether you prefer plain-ole slashers, psychological thrillers, sensual vampires, classic possessions, evil haunted houses, or even killer mermaids, the 2010s have delivered in spades. And then some.

In an effort to catalog the greatness of horror this decade, I’ve over-extended myself in a futile attempt to curate only the finest works. Too many hours of research, rewatches, and compiling, all to accomplish the epic task of selecting the 100 greatest horror films of the decade to date. Do note that this list will continue to be a work-in-progress until the clock strikes 2020 so check back in to see what the rest of 2019 has to offer. As for now, take out your pen and paper or bookmark the page. Because I doubt you’ve seen all 100…



A doubting cleric is out to prove once and for all that exorcisms are all a hoax. Unfortunately, he chooses the wrong possession to document.

99. THE RITUAL (2017)

Four friends try to honor the memory of their friend by a pleasant backpacking trip. They take a shortcut. It doesn’t end well.

98. THE LURE (2015)

A mermaid musical that’s part sexy, part dangerous, and fully European. Forgive the music – Lady Gaga wasn’t involved.


An artsy black and white family drama… with lots of eyeball slicing and murder. Gorgeous to look at, despite its brutal content.

96. GAME OF DEATH (2017)

Fake blood was probably the most costly aspect of the budget in this crimson-stained camp-fest that had a small run at the festival circuit and has largely gone unseen, even by devout horror aficionados.


The action moves slowly in this chilly multi-generational saga about friendship (and human sacrifice) but the bone-chilling conclusion cannot be overstated.

94. THE BOY (2015)

No, not that one. This Boy is about a lonely middle-of-nowhere pre-teen and his serial killer tendencies tracking the quaint transformation from killing small animals to…well you get the picture.

93. AMERICAN MARY (2012)

Amateur surgeon Mary wants to take her extreme body modification craft to the next level but still needs practice. Any volunteers?

92. THE DEN (2013)

Jet black and uncomfortably bleak, The Den is the dregs of the internet come to life. Innovated the everything-takes-place-in-the-computer-screen tactic and still holds the crown for doing it best.

91. THE NEON DEMON (2016)

The director of Drive delivers a gorgeous arthouse horror about the lengths a small-town girl will go to be a professional model in literal cut-throat LA. Anorexia has never seemed such a superior option.


Is it Alzheimer’s or something even worse? Only time will tell in this faux-docudrama about an elderly woman’s mental deterioration.

89. THE SHALLOWS (2016) 

The best of the recent obsession with shark horror, The Shallows makes Blake Lively hanging out on a rock debating swimming to shore into something far more watchable than it may initially sound.

88. CREEP (2014)

A strange man with a strange Craigslist request solicits the help of an area cameraman. At first, he says he’s dying. Then, he says he’s lying. Is he just weird or playing a darker game?


The world is dark and full of terrors, the least of which is making sure you grow enough crops to keep you alive after the sun has set on the civilized world. At least there’s no one to see your awful haircut.

86. EXCISION (2012)

This Sundance horrorshow reminds you it never pays to pick on the weird girl at school (did everyone miss Carrie?!) or she might just carve you up for parts to help save her sick sister.

85. THE VOICES (2014)

Before Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool, he was taking advice from his cat and dog, the former telling him to murder people, the later urging otherwise, in this zany send-up that ranks among his weirder acting choices.


Twins are creepy right? Doubly so when their mom undergoes facial plastic surgery and they become convinced she’s not who she says she is. Never trust Austrian boys. Especially blondes.

83. HOUNDS OF LOVE (2016)

A friendly-looking couple seduces a high school girl with promises of weed and booze only to strap her to a bed in this too-true Australian psychological horror drama.

82. DEATHGASM (2015)

Kiwi heavy metal horror-comedy plays a cursed song that accidentally summons demons. 🤘

81. WE ARE STILL HERE (2015)

Their son is dead. Their New England home is probably haunted. Someone is definitely sacrificing fresh bodies. Who would suspect the neighbors?


Not your average horror movie, this politically-motivated immigrant story channels the horrors of human trafficking to build to a tension-wracked finale you won’t want to miss.


A weary Iranian woman walks the streets (at night, alone) in this atmospheric and ambitious debut from Ana Lily Amirpour, a stylized black and white mood piece… with vampires.

78. COP CAR (2015)

Two runaway kids find a cop car in the middle of the woods. Kevin Bacon comes chasing, with no interest in bringing them home.

77. FROZEN (2010)

It’s hard to say whether hypothermia or wolves pose a bigger threat when you’re trapped on a chairlift indefinitely. The compound fractures don’t help. Not to be confused with the Disney movie.

76. RESOLUTION (2012)

A junkie is forced to go cold turkey but his friend might have chosen the wrong cabin in the middle of nowhere to do it. (A semi-prequel to The Endless.)