75. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW (2014)

If Lara Croft raided the Paris Catacombs, you’d have something like this claustrophobic, adventure-tinged found footage creeper that’s way better than its low critical scores suggest.


Bee is the hot, cool, flirty babysitter every pre-teenage boy dreams of. Except when she brings her friends over. They might be into satanic worship.

73. BORGMAN (2013) 

Never trust a stranger. Especially if they have scraggly hair. One Dutch family finds out the hard way in this psychologically disturbing treatise on human nature and mythic intruders.

72. HONEYMOON (2014)

Marital bliss is shortlived as a couple find their stay at a cabin on a lake interrupted by either madness or a malevolent slug. Or both.

71. THE ENDLESS (2017)

You might get caught in a time-loop if you visit the wrong UFO death cult in this low-budget, high-concept vortex from Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson.


Santa will be adding some new names to the naughty list in this expectation-subverting Christmas bloodbath that coins the kill term “Home Alone-ing.” You’re curious now, aren’t you?

69. STOKER (2013)

The stately English-language gothic melodrama from Korean guru Park Chan-Wook circles the psychosexual tension between an uncle and niece who never knew each other existed. It gets…weird.

68. CAM (2018)

A tech-minded horror-thriller for the Black Mirror crowd, Cam sees online alter egos running amuck in this seductive Netflix hidden gem.

67. SPRING (2014)

An expat hooks up with a girl who’s more than meets the eye. It’s romantic until he’s on the menu.

66. CRIMSON PEAK (2015)

Before he claimed an Academy Award, Guillermo del Toro made horror movies, such as this gothic ghost story as much about family and love as it is about smashing heads like pumpkins and CGI phantasms.

65. BACKCOUNTRY (2014)

The movie that made my wife afraid of bears, Backcountry exploits fear of wilderness and crafts masterfully blocked scenes of sheer terror to elicit maximum fear. Never deviate from the path.

64. LET ME IN (2010)

Matt Reeves’ remake of the cult Swedish film Let The Right On In distinguishes itself enough to warrant a watch, offering a higher caliber of special effects to highlight some of the more inherent nastiness of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel.

63. GRABBERS (2012)

In this small Irish town, locals will need to get very, very drunk in order to fend off a tentacled monster or else be swallowed whole, and sober, in this laugh-out-loud creature feature.

62. BONE TOMAHAWK (2015) 

An old-fashioned western takes a horror hard left into cannibalism and bone tomahawks in this wild, wild slow-burn that features some of the most gruesome kills of the decade and Lost‘s Matthew Fox in rare movie mode.

61. UNSANE (2018)

The paradox of insanity is explored in a pulpy thriller that Steven Soderbergh shot entirely on an iPhone. Claire Foy offers a terrific performance.

60. BLUE MY MIND (2017)

Puberty is hard enough when you’re not a mermaid in this coming-of-age allegory about budding sexuality and societal expectations of femininity.


This totally unconventional horror movie traps us in a broadcast booth with Toby Jones as an apocalyptic event takes place right outside. The viewer is left to piece together what’s happening alongside its protagonist and, well, you’ll have to see it for yourself.


Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox are father-son coroners who come across an enigmatic corpse that shows no obvious cause of death in this creepy, inventive, self-contained witch’s brew of nastiness.

57. TRAGEDY GIRLS (2017)

A pair of social media-obsessed girls plot to up their status by murdering their peers in this delightfully sarcastic social satire that’s totally in it for the likes.

56. MANDY (2018)

Nicholas Cage. Murder cults. Biker gangs from hell. Mandy is a balls-out acid-trip that’s kinda artsy and totally cheeseball and fully worth your attention. Cage goes gonzo.

55. FRIGHT NIGHT (2011)

A sexy vampire next door (Colin Farrell in rare cheeseball form) wants to take a bite out of the suspicious neighbor in this tongue-in-cheek remake of the 1985 cult classic.

54. SPLIT (2017)

Kevin Wendell Crumb has 20 personalities living inside him. But one too many of them are serial killers. Don’t unleash the Beast.

53. TROLL HUNTER (2010)

Trolls get the scary movie treatment in this shockingly effective Norwegian found footage about a group of amateur documentarians uncovering a government plot to contain the mythical beasts.

52. OCULUS (2013) 

The mirror mirror on the wall has never been so imposing in this striking, intelligent, and emotionally rich horror-thriller about a haunted mirror. Credit Mike Flanagan and sturdy leads for making it all work.

51. HALLOWEEN (2018)

Michael Myers stabs his back into relevancy in this perfected slasher that matches quality kills with sharp technical mastery and an age-old show-down. Proves that OG franchises have life in them yet if you just know how to squeeze.