50. IT (2017)

Pennywise hits the big screens in the most bankable horror movie ever made in this monstrously popular adaptation of the Steven King novel. It works best when focused on the relationships between its young cast, though the dancing clown bit is sure to provide apt nightmare fuel.

49. UPGRADE (2018)

American fight choreography takes a bold step forward in this low-budget sci-fi actioner that wastes no time getting into the gritty, grimy beatdowns. A side dish spies the horrifying implications of nano-tech merging with Homo sapiens is also on full display.


Hillbilly horror-comedy follows two misunderstood softies trying to relax for the weekend but come up against pretentious college tools who assume the worst. Bloody mishaps ensue.

47. REVENGE (2017)

Coralie Fargeat’s feminist rape-revenge fantasy is a brutal takedown of male-gaze exploitation cinema and a bloody beat-em-up fighter flick to boot. The blood comes in buckets here.

46. THE FINAL GIRLS (2015) 

Max and her friends are sucked into a slasher film (don’t ask how) and must use their knowledge of horror movies to survive and best their would-be killer. A funny, bloody, sweet meta socks-knocker. (And way better and smarter than simiarly meta Happy Death Day.)

45. A DARK SONG (2016)

A desperate woman tries to call upon the devil in this creepy slow burn that invests audiences in the cerebral rituals of black magic without ever getting violent or bloody.

44. THE VISIT (2015)

M. Night Shyamalan’s comeback film of the new age incites fear of the elderly in found footage framework. Gross, goofy, and a damn good time. Coprophiliacs may delight.

43. PIRANHA 3D (2010)

70’s sexploitation meets turn-of-the-century budget CGI in this tongue-in-cheek monster movie that unleashes bloodthirsty teeth-fish on bikini-clad spring breakers. A campy beer bong-able party movie if there ever was one. Spoiler alert: A piranha burps out a human penis.


Perhaps the best sequel to a terrible movie ever, Mike Flanagan (who’s featured a whopping 4 times in this list) fills this studio horror with starkly unsettling imagery and bleak conclusions.

41. HUSH (2016) 

The “She’s deaf” equivalent of A Quiet Place and Don’t Breathe, this unsettling invasion thriller (also from Flanagan) boils down the essential ingredients of a horror movie and delivers them in ideally measured fashion.

40. THE WAILING (2016) 

This Korean spooky epic turns distrust of strangers into a supernatural frightfest in distinctly K-horror fashion. Great counterprogramming to the usual American horror fare.

39. THELMA (2016)

Not all superpowers are good in psychosexual thriller that feels like Carrie and X-Men were put in a blender.

38. SIGHTSEERS (2012) 

An odd couple’s U.K. road trip turns into a serial killing spree in this sardonic anti-rom-com from horror auteur Ben Wheatley.

37. COHERENCE (2013) 

Stretching a heady sci-fi concept to razor-wire tautness, this eerie mindfuck also turned a nothing budget into a hazy intellectual exercise in minimalism and paranoia. Trust no-one, stay inside.

36. THE CONJURING 2 (2016)

The second outing with the Warrens didn’t quite reach the same heights but spines tingled nonetheless, especially when little Janet Hodgson contorted herself into crawl spaces. *Shudders*

35. CHEAP THRILLS (2013)

An antagonistic satire on American capitalism sees two lowly no-ones completing increasingly harmful dares at the behest of a rich benefactor. A sometimes mean-spirited and definitely pissed off black comedy that’ll kick you in the teeth.

34. WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (2013)

A remake of the Mexican horror movie of the same name, this cannibal family psycho-drama invests in relationships that pay increasing dividends, as unlikely country folk take to the subsequent murder and consumption of their neighbors, all which leads up to an absolutely fireworks ending.


Blockbuster man Gore Verbinski (The Ring) returns to horror in stately big budget haunter that’s a verifiable orgy of weird ideas. Ambitious to a fault, the story tells of a company man who goes to a spa to retrieve his fall-guy boss. Little healing occurs.

32. EVIL DEAD (2013)

Bloodlets the humor from Sam Raimi’s game changing original and replaces with vicious spells of blood, guts, and mutilation. A gooey doozy of a coming out party for Fede Alvarez. 


Ignorance certainly isn’t bliss when a man attends a dinner party at his ex’s (and her new lover’s) house. Something is off, or so he believes. Karyn Kusama dials the tension up, up, and away.

30. YOU’RE NEXT (2011)

Sharni Vinson’s Erin is among the most badass final girls of the decade in this bloody home invasion thriller made for people who would enjoy Home Alone with more actual murder.

29. GERALD’S GAME (2017)

Only horror maestro Mike Flanagan could turn his “unfilmable” Steven King novel into an unflappable master work, reworking the trials of a woman handicuffed to her bed after her husband suddenly dies into a visually arresting collage of the horrors of sexual abuse.

28. HOUSEBOUND (2014)

New Zealand remains the king of horror-comedy, this time presenting a maybe-haunted-house story about a pissy jailbird under house arrest, contending with a possible possession and a definitely annoying mum.

27. THE DEVIL’S CANDY (2015)

Heavy metal is evil again as a father/artist falls into a produtive (but costly) trance when he moves into a home with a killer history in this steely-eyed creeper from the director of The Loved Ones.

26. STARRY EYES (2014) 

Low-budge indie horror tracks the disintegration of a wanna-be Hollywood starlet, complete with a Kafka-esque transformation that’ll have even the hardest of horror fans squirming.