Out in Theaters: ‘OCEAN’S 8’ 

The king is dead, long live the queen. With the apparent demise of George Clooney’s smug, square-chinned Danny Ocean, kid sister Debbie (Sandra Bullock) has taken up the family mantle of thievery, having cooked up the perfect jewel heist while locked in a state penitentiary for the past five years. There’s double-crosses, jobs within jobs, slick montages, and a brand new bag of femme fatales to get to know but Ocean’s 8 is very much an offshoot of the popular rebooted franchise brought to life in the early 2000’s.  Read More


Out in Theaters: ‘OUR BRAND IS CRISIS’

David Gordon Green is as hit-and-miss a director as they come. He is also about as prolific as they come. Our Brand is Crisis is Green’s fourth film over the last three year period, coming on the heels of 2014’s widely panned Manglehorn starring Al Pacino. In 2013, Green saw two films open, the highly regarded backwoods drama Joe, starring a Nicholas Cage at the top of his game, and the off-beat buddy comedy Prince Avalanche. Even as a relative Green fan, I hated Prince Avalanche, citing its ill-fitting petulance and overwhelming sense of idiotic indecency as sources of extreme personal annoyance, but found Joe to be thoughtful and dramatically rich (if not excessively dour). Not to mention, it featured Cage’s best performance in years. Read More


Watch GRAVITY Companion Short ANINGAAQ Directed by Alfonso Cuarón's Son


Discussion of events that occur in Gravity to follow so mild spoilers ahead.

Originally developed as an added feature for the Blu-ray release, the overwhelming love for Gravity has seen this intiguring companion piece, simply titled Aningaaq, come out of the gates early, giving it a shot at an Oscar ”Live-Action Short” nominee. Written with the help of father and Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón‘s short film takes the perspective of the Earth-dwelling eskimo on the other side of the line with Sandra Bullock‘s Dr. Ryan Stone as she decides to flick off life support and gives up on any hope of returning to Earth. The gentle mew of a distant dog, the call of a young baby and an unintelligible lullaby all give Stone a harmonious send off (before she’s shortly thereafter rescued by her hallucination). But what the film never shows us is what, or who, was on the other side of that line. This Jonás Cuarón‘s counterpiece fixes that in a stunning, and beautiful, manner.

Per Screen Rant,

“The filmmaker was especially interested in exploring the pivotal moment in Stone’s survival story from a different perspective – to expose the subtle connections that exist between the two characters even if they aren’t on the same literal page: “It’s this moment where the audience and the character get this hope that Ryan is finally going to be OK. Then you realize that everything gets lost in translation.” Nevertheless, Jonás wanted “to make Aningaaq a piece that could stand on its own” – an effort that, according to Gravity star Sandra Bullock, Jonás nailed. Since its debut, the actress has called Aningaaq an ”absolutely beautiful piece of loneliness,” further stating, “I get goose bumps thinking about it.

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