Out in Theaters: ‘BROOKYLN’

The Brooklyn of 2015 is associated with being hip and trendy; a once counterculture locale turned into one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. It’s home base for the American Dream; a hotspot where you can expect to spot Aziz Ansari drinking elderberry kombucha while jotting down scene notes in an artisanal moleskin; a fantasy land that environs the hottest up-and-comers and gives birth to the most in vogue fads while taking in loads of new arrivals by the truckload. John Crowley’s Brooklyn stands in stark opposition to many of the things that Brooklyn represents today. It’s not hip, it’s certainly not trendy and it bears its heart on its sleeve in a way that most of the millennials occupying the various boroughs would not dare display. Rather, the Nick Hornsby-penned immigrant romance is about as earnest as they come, forthright in its good intentions and ultimately charmed beyond compare. Read More