Synopsis:  “After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) move to the quiet New York countryside to try to start a new life for themselves. But the grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful town they’ve moved into is hiding a terrifyingly dark secret. Now they must find a way to overcome their sorrow and fight back against both the living and dead as the malicious ghosts threaten to pull their souls – and the soul of their lost son – into hell with them.”

Review: A predictable and unremarkably-acted set-up unfolds into surprisingly rich horror territory in We Are Still Here. Barbara Crampton as Anne is our entrance into the film and though she underwhelms as a grief-stricken mother, director Ted Geoghegan eventually pivots our focus from her woeful ways to something wholly terrifying and impressively crafted. As the haunted house begins to swallow up hapless victims into its territorial maw, Geoghegan moves beyond the obvious into splatter territory that’ll keep fans of gore hot on their toes. With a third act that excels both in terms of its narrative focus and impressive (though low budget) effects work, We Are Still Here exits on a high, leaving you remembering what works, rather than what doesn’t.  (B-)

Features: The We Are Still Here Blu-Ray offers an audio commentary with writer/director Ted Geoghegan and producer Travis Stevens as well as some behind the scenes looks at the making of the film.


Verdict: A worthy rental for horror fans.

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