Now that we’ve gone ahead and declared our Top Ten Films of 2016 as well as our Ten Favorite Horror Movies of the Year, it’s time to get into the particulars and hand out some superlatives for other “Bests” of the year. Here we celebrate the best performances of the year, the finest directing, our favorite genre films, documentaries, animated features, foreign language films, even costumes… basically all the stuff we haven’t given props to yet. No lengthy discussion here, just some pictures and prizes.

WINNER: Damien Chazelle ‘La La Land’
Runner-Up: Robert Eggers “The VVitch”
And then:
Barry Jenkins “Moonlight”
Yorgos Lanthimos “The Lobster”
The Daniels “Swiss Army Man”
Baba Anvari “Under the Shadow”
Denis Villenue “Arrival”
Travis Knight “Kubo and the Two Strings”
J.A. Bayona “A Monster Calls”
Whit Stillman “Love & Frienship”
Grímur Hákonarson “Rams”
Keneth Lonergan “Manchester by the Sea”

WINNER: Denzel Washington ‘Fences’
RUNNER-UP” Colin Farrell “The Lobster”
And then:
Nate Parker “Birth of a Nation”
Logan Lerman “Indignation”
Viggo Mortensen “Captain Fantastic”
Jake Gyllenhaal “Nocturnal Animals/Demolition”
Ryan Gosling “The Nice Guys/La La Land”
Paul Dano “Swiss Army Man”
Casey Affleck “Manchester by the Sea”
Tom Hanks “Sully”
Anton Yelchin “Green Room”
Stellan Skarsgård “In Order of Disappearance”
Michael Shannon “Midnight Special”
Michael Fassbender “The Light Between Oceans”

WINNER: Kate Beckinsale “Love & Friendship”
RUNNER-UP: Emma Stone “La La Land”
And then:
Natalie Portman “Jackie”
Rebecca Hall “Christine”
Sasha Lane “American Honey”
Krisha Fairchild “Krisha”
Amy Adams “Arrival”
Anya Taylor-Joy “The VVitch”
Annette Benning “20th Century Women”
Alicia Vikander “The Light Between Oceans”
Sally Field “Hello, My Name is Doris”
Elisabeth Moss “The Free World”

WINNER: John Goodman “10 Cloverfield Lane”
RUNNER-UP: Tom Bennett “Love & Friendship”
And then:
Michael Shannon “Nocturnal Animals”
Mahershala Ali “Moonlight”
Daniel Radcliffe “Swiss Army Man”
Aaron Taylor-Johnson ‘Nocturnal Animals”
Jonah Hill “War Dogs”
Ralph Ineson “The VVitch”
Ben Foster “Hell or High Water”
Jeff Bridges “Hell or High Water”
Tracy Letts “Indignation”
Glen Powell “Everybody Wants Some!!”
Jack Reynor “Sing Street”

WINNER: Viola Davis ‘Fences’
RUNNER-UP: Naomi Harris ‘Moonlight’
And then:
Michelle Williams ‘Manchester by the Sea’
Rachel Weisz ‘The Lobster’
Greta Gerwig “20th Century Women”
Imogen Poots “Green Room”
Kate Dickie “The VVitch”
Lulu Wilson “Oujia: Origin of Evil”
Aja Naomi King “The Birth of a Nation”
Chloë Sevingly “Love & Friendship”
Sarah Gadon “Indignation”
Annette Being “Rules Don’t Apply”

WINNER: The VVitch
RUNNER-UP: Moonlight
And then:
Hell or High Water
The Lobster
A Monster Calls
Love & Friendship
Manchester by the Sea
Midnight Special
American Honey
20th Century Women
Complete Unknown

WINNER: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efhymis Filippou “The Lobster”
RUNNER-UP: Robert Eggers “The Witch”
And then:
Whit Stillman “Love & Friendship”
Taylor Sheridan “Hell or High Water”
James Schamus “Indignation”
Damien Chazelle “La La Land”
Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert “Swiss Army Man”
Matt Ross “Captain Fantastic”
Richard Linklater “Everybody Wants Some!!”
Mike Mills “20th Century Women”

WINNER: Zootopia
RUNNER-UP: Kubo and the Two Strings
And then:
Sausage Party
The Little Prince
Finding Dory
(Note: 2016 was a notably weak year for animation)

WINNER: 13th
And then:
Life, Animated
Lo and Behold
Peter at the Farm
Into the Inferno

WINNER: Under the Shadow
RUNNER-UP: The Wailing
And then:
The Wave
In Order of Disappearance
The Handmaiden
The Innocents
The Eyes of My Mother
The Lure
Der Bunker

WINNER: Adam Arkapaw “The Light Between Oceans”
RUNNER-UP: Bradford Young “Arrival”
And then:
Seamus McGarvey “Nocturnal Animals”
Linus Sandgren “La La Land”
James Laxton “Moonlight”
Bobby Shore “The Invitation”
Natasha Braier “The Neon Demon”
Rodrigo Prieto “Silence”
Thimios Bakatakis “The Lobster”
Stéphane Fontaine “Jackie”
Oscar Aura “A Monster Calls”
Giles Nuttgens “Hell or High Water”
Enrique Chediak “Deepwater Horizon”

WINNER: Love & Friendship
And then:
La La Land
Hail, Casear!
Rules Don’t Apply
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
High Rise
Doctor Strange
The Nice Guys
Swiss Army Man

WINNER: The Nice Guys
RUNNER-UP: Hell or High Water
And then:
Midnight Special
Captain America: Civil War
Star Wars: Rogue One
The Jungle Book
Deepwater Horizon
Hacksaw Ridge
The Accountant

WINNER: Hunt for the Wilderpeople
RUNNER-UP: Don’t Think Twice
And then:
The Nice Guys
Sausage Party
Everybody Wants Some!!
War Dogs
Love & Friendship


And for good measure…
WINNER: “Yoga Hosers” d. Kevin Smith (SHAME!)
RUNNER-UP: “Suicide Squad” d. David Ayers (SHAME!)
And then:
“The 5th Wave” d. J Blakeson (SHAME!)
“Zoolander 2” d. Ben Stiller (SHAME!)
“Hardcore Henry” d. Ilya Naishuller (SHAME!)
“The Legend of Tarzan” d. David Yates (SHAME!)
“Warcraft” d. Duncan Jones (SHAME!)
“31” d. Rob Zombie (SHAME!)
“The Forest” d. Jason Zada (SHAME!)
“Why Him?” d. John Hamburg” (SHAME!)
“Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” d. Joe Berlinger (SHAME!)
“Knight of Cups” d. Terrence Malick (SHAME!)

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