Let’s save the hemming and hawing, The Space Between Us is terrible. No need to add much else to the sentiment, it is a bad film that you will have a bad time watching. Period. Simply dreadful from start to finish, this lazy sci-fi tinged romance clunker falsely assumes charisma-vacuum Asa Butterfield can carry a film but the Hugo star is having none of it. The London-born actor appears as bored as any audience forced to endure such a burden of a wanna-be blockbuster as this action-, drama- and excitement-bereft potboiler ambles from forgettable moment to forgettable moment, nipping in little melodramatic twists that would be comfortable on any daytime soap opera. Writing more than 100 words about the turd is almost as much a waste of time as seeing the damn thing so I’ll save everyone the trouble and advise forgetting this thing exists altogether. STX certainly did.

CONCLUSION: It’s terrible. Yup, that’s it. All I’m gonna say. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E.


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