A new trailer has landed for the Coen brother’s film Inside Llewen Davis,a drama focusing on the ailing career of folk-singer Llewen Davis (played by Oscar Isaac who also stared in 2011’s Drive and 2008’s Body of Lies) in the middle of the 1960’s pre-Dylan New York music scene.  Inspired in mood by the life of Dave Von Ronk and his notion that this scene was dominated by acts from all over the US to the chagrin of New York native musicians, this new trailer shows Davis’s career, life, and relationships disintegrating as he grasps at straws offered from people still willing to give him a shot. Passed over, neglected and berated at every step of this 3-minute trailer, Llewen remains unvanquished and, with the help of the heartfelt music we’re meant to assume is off Llewen’s titular album, the prospect of hope for the folk singer seems less of impossible than in previous trailers.

Llewen has yet to respond adequately in these trailers to the near constant criticism he gets for his failures from his already-taken and newly-pregnant paramour Jean (Carey Mulligan), other musicians, and various acquaintances. However, this trailer has less barbs directed at him and a quicker pacing. Llewen’s brooding looks are less hopeless then previously shown, and beats shown in previous trailers are fleshed out with more of Llewen’s persistence in the grit in the face of his detractors. The scenes of him traveling what we’re given to understand by sequence is away are grouped closer together and coincide with swells in the soundtrack (an old folk song produced by T-Bone Burnett of O Brother, Where Art Thou? fame along with Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons), making it seem less like a retreat and more of a stand taken against the growing clouds over Llewen’s future. Unlike in previous trailers, Llewen’s charisma is easier to spot, and Isaac’s performance is put center stage instead of just setting the scene. In this trailer, he seems actually likable, which is saying something.

The film, which won the Grand Prix at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, is debuting on December 6th during the bulk of Oscar season releases. Although not as grave as the Coen’s previous couple of films, the personal tragedy of the artist unable to compromise for personal success that the film revolves around is just as serious and just as moving. At turns funny, downtrodden and uncertainly hopeful, this movie has a lot going for it, both for the Coen brother’s fans and for the upcoming academy awards.

To see the IMDB exclusive trailer, click here.

Inside Llewen Davis is directed by Joel and Ethan Coen and stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, and Justin Timberlake. It Hits theaters December 6th, 2013.

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