THE LEFTOVERS Season 2 Episode 9 “Ten Thirteen” Review

Evie hiding out in a silver airstream trailer still doesn’t explain the empty lake. Unless, Meg’s Guilty Remnant faction possesses state of the art geotechnology. Even if, it’s still easier to plan the demolition of a bridge—eliminating a symbolic path to righteousness or bridge to eternal life. Ten Thirteen is a well-cued turn of events and much-needed stage time for the nihilistic saints, which so far have motivated only turncoats and provided a reason to get all the main characters into Texas. The GR’s staging Evie’s disappearance reinforces their agenda “reminding” society of life’s absurdity that trying to connect Evie’s departure to the missing water is a futile rational exercise once they expose her. Read More


SOUTH PARK “You’re Not Yelping” Recap

This week on South Park:   Having successfully lured the socially conscious Whole Foods franchise to their PC mountain town, the residents of South Park are now enjoying a wave of new restaurants that the superbly marketed supermarket has attracted to the Historic Shi Tpa Town. The influx of eateries has brought out the inner food blogger in half of the town’s residents, including Eric Cartman, Gerald Broflovski, and police chief Harrison Yates. Each Yelper believes that their critiques function as a lighthouse for the community; guiding the thousands of folks that hang on their every word to the food providers that they deserve. Read More



Here’s the thing about camp today: pure examples of it are extremely rare. First of all, we know too much; Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” was published in 1964 and has been assigned in humanities courses at liberal arts colleges ever since, so the possibility for an uncritical reception of a “new” camp object is fairly limited. Then, of course, the descriptor “camp” is generally applied to older things; in the moment, we are too caught up in the seriousness of whatever it is that we will come to see as over-serious and excessive and exuding mostly style. But the real sticking point is the all-pervasive cynicism ruling so much of art, fashion, character, life today. Cynicism is the killer of camp, it is the self-knowledge, self-irony and most importantly, general disdain that refuses the possibility of the ebullience of camp.

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SOUTH PARK “The City Part of Town” Recap

Last week on South Park: Mr. Garrison is busy dropping truth bombs across America but his quest for the White House isn’t resonating well with some sects of society, specifically those with an 8th grade education or higher. Jimmy Fallon is directing jokes of a similar nature at the good people of South Park, as he makes light of the type of community that would give rise to such an outspoken redneck on The Tonight Show. Butters is reduced to tears as he watches Fallon parody the state of education in his hometown: “Welcome to South Park University, open your shotguns and slap your wives”. Read More


FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 1 Finale “The Good Man” Review

In “A Good Man”, we all get the post-apocalypse we deserve, as Fear The Walking Dead draws to a close. All good things must come to an end. Fear The Walking Dead ended up being very good, despite a rocky start and some missteps. Most of these were corrected in FTWD’s conclusion.

First of all, let us address the rotting corpse in the room – the zombies (or “Walkers” or “biters” or “shambling bags of flesh”, choose your sobriquet.) The main criticism I saw leveled at the AMC mini-series was the lack of Walkers, which is a pretty serious allegation for a show with “The Walking Dead” making up ¾ of its title. “The Good Man” makes up for this drought in spades, with wave after wave of rotting flesh, as The Walking Dead‘s universe sees its very first herd. Read More


‘SCREAM QUEENS’ “Chainsaw” Review

2015 has been a pretty horrorshow year for horror television. Between the high-profile, high-production-value extended Slasher Flick of MTV’s Scream: The Series and Fox’s frankly hilarious horror/comedy Scream Queens, 2015 stands to be remembered as a gold standard year for the format, helping us all to move on from the mostly underwhelming snorefest that was True Detective Season 2 and the uncertainty in our hearts towards Fear The Walking Dead. Read More



In which difficult choices are made; some “good guys” are not so good; some other “good guys” remain the same; things get smashed; and a mysterious new character is introduced. Things are coming to a head, as Fear The Walking Dead reaches its culmination. We’ve left the rules behind as the morality of this world are becoming a thing of the past; the ensemble is introduced to a new world of brutality. We’ll also find out what our characters are really made of and what the Army is really up to. Read More


FEAR THE WALKING DEAD “Not Fade Away” Review

The action heats up and starts to boil up on “Not Fade Away”, despite the calm on the surface and a decided dearth of Walkers.

Fear The Walking Dead has been a slow burn, thus far, taking the time to develop characters and establish the tension that ultimately makes it so successful. While many have criticized Fear The Walking Dead for being a “family drama with zombies”, that’s exactly what the creators were going for. It provides a necessary emotional subtext to really feel the onset of Armageddon. Read More


SOUTH PARK “Stunning and Brave” Recap

This week on South Park: Principal Victoria is fired after one of her elementary student’s refers to the act of rape as a “hot Cosby”. Addressing a cafeteria packed with parents and students, Victoria’s replacement, PC Principal, vows to clamp down on the school’s rampant bigotry whilst calling out Mr. Garrison for telling his 4th grade class that women without wombs should get AIDS tests (in Mr. Garrison’s defense, he was a lesbian when he said that). Read More