Joaquin Phoenix Puts a Smile on That Face in ‘JOKER’ Trailer

In the wake of whatever the hell Jared Leto was doing as the Joker in the frankly awful Suicide Squad, there came rumblings of a handful of new iterations of the iconic Batman villain. When rumors swirled that Martin Scorsese was interested in producing a clown prince origin story, curiosities peaked. When the always reliable Joaquin Phoenix was tapped to fill the shoes, anticipation only rose. The long-awaited first look at Todd Phillips’ Joker has finally surfaced online and it promises a dark and thoughtful look at the origins of madness in maybe the world’s most iconic villain. Read More


‘ZOOLANDER 2’ Trailer Features Ugly Benedict Cumberbatch and Murdered Bieber

It’s been 15 years since Derek Zoolander shot his last Blue Steel at the camera and, for better or worse, he’s back in the first full trailer for Zoolander 2. Years retired and now thought of as a bit of a joke, Zoolander is recruited once more to stop the evil fashion designer Mugatu (Will Ferrell) from assassinating all the beautiful people in the world, including, of course, Justin Bieber and Kayne West. Read More


Hardcore Trailer for ‘HARDCORE’

Like The Raid redefined modern martial arts movie, Hardcore seeks to redefine what a POV action movie can be. Russian director Ilya Naishuller, who earned internet stardom for his band’s, Biting Elbow, music video “Bad Motherfucker” (which attracted almost 30 million Youtube views), sought out to make a full-length feature in the same style and with the help of a successful Indiegogo campaign has just unleashed Hardcore unto (mostly) cheering TIFF audiences. Read More


‘KRAMPUS’ Trailer Promises Holiday Frights

The idea of a haunted Christmas is no novelty in 2015 though prior attempts to make a great “evil Santa Claus” movie (see Silent Night, Deadly Night and Santa’s Slay ) have landed with a dull thumpety thump thump. Krampus, with its stand-out indie cast that includes Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Allison Tolman and David Koechner, could just be the first great “Bad Santa” horror movie. Check out the first Krampus trailer below. Read More



When Paranormal Activity 5 couldn’t keep up the annual Halloween-release trend of the last four films in the franchise, the official Latin spin-off, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, looked to fill in the gap. However, that next film in the wildly popular franchise also won’t make a Halloween season release as it’s not hitting theaters until the dumping grounds known as January. Is the series losing steam already or are they trying to shake up the formula and having more trouble with it than expected? With a new poster and an old trailer to go off, see if this looks like anything new or just more of the found footage same.

While the film is endorsed by the makers of the PA, it will be a big move in a new direction as the film will feature an all Latino cast with only little crossover to the mainstay material. It will however feature young Katie and Kristi, played by the same actresses from Paranormal Activity 3. While the details are relatively slim at this point, the film is said to focus on a Catholic investigation of some, you guessed it, paranormal activity.

While this won’t be the first one-off of the series, it is the first official one. In 2010, an unofficial Japanese sequel, known as Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, followed Haruka Yamano, who broke her legs in a car accident and has since started feeling the presence of ghosts. It’s later revealed  that the woman that Haruka mowed down and killed was Katie, of the original Paranormal Activity, killing her and thus transferring her ghostly follower onto himself. Obviously the film was marked as non-canon because Katie lives on after the events of the first film and continues to be most central character of the franchise.

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New International Trailer for THE BOOK THIEF


A new international trailer for The Book Thief, a World War II drama adapted by the bestselling novel by Markus Zusak, has been released. This follows 20th Century Fox taking out two whole pages in the New York Times to fill entirely with blank space except for a URL of the film’s website in very small print at the bottom of the page. To say that sort of promotional tactic makes an impression is an understatement, and as this international trailer certainly tries to maintain the gravity from the previous trailer. 

With a much less drawn-out introduction than the first released trailer, the inner world of Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nelisse) is given a moment to establish itself alongside the circumstances of her adoption and her recent house guest, but only a moment. Following that, the trailer is all jackboots, burning piles of books, and other horrors of Nazi Germany as Kristallnacht occurs. Liesel is made aware of the devastating consequences not just for her guest, but also for herself if he should be discovered. Bookended nicely by ruminating on Liesel as the Book Thief and what the books mean to her and to her guest, the trailer ends on an even keel that makes you wonder at Liesel’s rebellion and her inner strength.

Directed by Brian Percival (“Downton Abbey”), and co-starring Geoffery Rush, Emily Watson, and Ben Schnetzer, The Book Thief is a clear gambit for the Oscars. The film has Oscars written all over it, although the real test will be to see whether or not it lives up to those clearly-present aspirations. Set to release on November 8th in the USA, it won’t be long before we see if the writing and character development throughout the rest of the film can match the tenor of the notes struck in this trailer.

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