Out in Theaters: ‘DARKEST HOUR’

Darkest Hour is built like an antique grandfather clock. Each element a carefully placed necessity, working dutifully towards a larger schema; every cog, screw and dial essential to its almost impossibly precise workmanship. Ticking and tocking in a grand manner, Darkest Hour is an expertly paced and admirably assembled sample of good old fashion filmmaking gifted with a lead performance from Gary Oldman that will almost certainly not just be remembered come next year’s award’s season but is sure to be a well-endowed frontrunner. Read More


Out in Theaters: ‘PAN’

Were one to take both Pan and Oz: The Great and Powerful as case studies of skillful directors attempting to adapt iconic source material, they would be forced to reason that this just ain’t a venture worth taking. The same exact sentiment can be said of Pan the film. Joe Wright (Hanna, Pride and Prejudice), working from a Jason Fuchs (Ice Age: Continental Drift) script, has drained the prestige from his presence in attempting to tell a for-all-ages tale of the flying boy with a sentient shadow who never ages. Rather, he delivers a schizophrenic, incredibly frustrating family-friendly adventure with staggering highs and lows. Had Pan just been bad – rather than offering the odd moments of true clarity and borderline brilliance – the inevitable disappointment wouldn’t sting quite as much. As it, it’s a monstrous failure with absolutely out-of-place moments of undeniable inspiration.   Read More


Joe Wright to Direct Peter Pan Origin Story

Joe Wright has already proven his high-brow literary cred, with adaptations of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Ian McEwan’s Atonement, and Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. While not an apatatio, he also directed Hannah which is entertainment in its purest form. Continuing on, according to Variety’s sources, he will be adapting Peter Pan, one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time. Jason Fuchs, with only two full length screenplays under his belt, wrote the script and Greg Berlanti will produce.

Wright has proven to have a striking visual style that blends realism and a more stylistic, fantastical approach, which should make him the ideal man for the job. It remains to be seen, whether this will be geared more towards children (Fuchs has previously worked on the Ice Age films) or if it will take a more mature approach to the subject matter. Wright has an excellent opportunity here to toe that line, in the same way he did in Anna Kernina and Atonement.

Peter Pan hasn’t been done in a while so why not just do it all over again? That is the studio mentality these days right? However according to rumors, Sony and Disney are also working on Peter Pan films of their own. Of the three, Wright’s name certainly gives this one the edge, in terms of potential artistry. 

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