‘RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET’ a Sporadically Clever, Nostalgia-Bombed Delight

This November, families have a chance to decide between two cartoon villains to treat their kids to. Illumination Entertainment’s The Grinch, a perfectly affable and admittedly adorable – if toothless – remake of the Dr. Seuss classic, and Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. A sequel to 2012’s critical and commercial success Wreck-It Ralph, the follow-up directed by Phil Johnson and Rich Moore (Zootopia) reacquaints us with Ralph’s 8-bit world, wherein he happily stars as a stocky bad guy in an arcade game called Fit-It Felix, content as a clam in his closed-loop routine.  Read More


Out in Theaters: ’JUSTICE LEAGUE’

For many DC comic fans, just the thought of a Justice League movie gets their panties all warmed up; finally seeing the Big Three (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) join forces with the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman on the big screen in a live-action super-blockbuster enough to produce a seizure-inducing nerdgasm. Well prayers have been answered and after many years of waiting, we can finally stop wondering what a feature film Justice League might look like because it is here in all its ridiculous glory. And the result, well it ain’t too pretty. Read More



Overlong and under-focused, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a deceptively dark furlough into the blackest corner of DC’s batcave where men battle gods, Wonder Woman finally gets the spotlight (guitar solo and all), Jesse Eisenberg puts on an entertainingly manic Lex Luthor face, and none of it feels like much fun. As expected, the heavy-handed fog that is 155 minutes of super-porn allows itself splashes of clear-eyed splendor, most notably those that center around Ben Affleck’s positively boiling Batman, but Batman v Superman hardly has the desired ratio of grandeur to gratuity to do the battle of the century it’s pitched as justice. Read More


Gal Gadot to Play First Big Screen Wonder Woman


Zack Snyder’s much speculated on new film, Batman vs. Superman, released a non-Ben Affleck related news item today: Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman. The internet responded with a collective, “Who’s Gal Gadot?” Speculation on her ability to carry the role has been expectantly absent, as she only has five film credits to her name, three of which have the words “Fast” and “Furious” in the title.

What does it say about the target audience for these films, when Ben Affleck’s announcement to play one of the most iconic vigilantes of all time is met with uproarious disapproval, but when an actress is announced for an iconic role, our only criteria is her hotness? Snyder gave his take on her, “Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role.” A magical quality? Spot on analysis, Zack.

I, for one, am glad they went with a more unproven actress. It should be exciting to see what other heroes are announced for the film, as this is quickly turning into the Justice League film that has been long anticipated. Plus, it’ll be the first time that one of DC’s most iconic superheroes will grace the screen – unless you count the x-rated 1979 spinoff, Superwoman, which starred Jesie James and has been called “a comedy porn classic.” Hopefully this will be a more, ahem, forward looking debut for Wonderwoman.

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