Stories based on a true story often face the detriment of audiences knowing how it’s all going to end. That will certainly be the case for many with The Most Hated Woman in America, the decade-spanning biopic/thriller focused on controversial public figure Madalyn Murray O’Hair, but it’s people like me (of the millennial variety) who may not remember this striking true story that will benefit most from its true-to-life gnarls. Activist turned founder of the American Atheists organization, O’Hair drew criticism far and wide. When she, her son Jon and granddaughter Robin are kidnapped, her notoriety is so severe, her bonds to even those who share the same blood so crimped and discarded, that no one even bothered looking for her. She remained a hostage for going on two weeks before…well I’ll let the uninitiated discover that for themselves.

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Out in Theaters: ‘BEASTS OF NO NATION’

War films have never been as great as they were from the late-70s to the mid-80s. There was an esthetic richness to them, a vast sense of moral disorientation that defined them. Surfers catching waves neck deep in the shit, soldier’s squeezing the triggers of pistols squared at their heads, combatants throwing their arms up in defeat. That iconography sticks for a reason. In the era of 9/11, there have been some excellent war films, but like the wars themselves, the weapons, scenery and tone have changed. Beasts of No Nation is a heavyhearted throwback to the great war epics of the Vietnam generation and tells the sorrowful saga of a child soldier’s dark transformation. Read More


Talking with Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfield of 6 YEARS

*This is a reprint of our SXSW 2015 interview

For all the schmaltzy young love that pollutes our movie screens (*cough* If I Stay, Fault in Our Stars *cough*) there comes the ocassional tale of youth and young love that actually merits a watch. 6 Years is that movie. And now that it’s been picked up by Netflix, you’ll actually probably watch it. How novel! From our review; Read More


NETFIX: 5 Hysterical Black Comedies You Won’t See Coming

The great thing about Netflix is that it gives you a lot of TV and movie watching options. The bad thing about Netflix is that it gives you…a lot of TV and movie watching options. To cut down on your Netflix search and discover time, Netfix aims to ease the process of parsing the good from the bad. The great from the not so great. From action films to foreign dramas, we’re raked the catalogs to offer only the finest that the preeminent streaming service has to offer. So settle in, get your remotes ready and prepare for the red wave of Netfix to wash over you.
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Gratuitous Trailer Breakdown: The Return of WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and the Internet Age of Cult

It’s here! Fourteen years later, we finally return to Camp Firewood (unless you count the 50 or 60 times you’ve watched Wet Hot American Summer as “returning” – which I most certainly do.) In 2001, the parody of 1980s summer-camp-sploitation movies that no one asked for (and if they did they would have asked about twelve years earlier) debuted at Sundance to four sold out crowds and zero buyers. Eventually it was released in approximately  30 cities, made approximately zero money, and was pretty much ignored to death. But that is how legends are born (isn’t it?).

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Netfix: 7 Freedomlicious Action Movies to Watch on July 4th


The great thing about Netflix is that it gives you a lot of TV and movie watching options. The bad thing about Netflix is that it gives you…a lot of TV and movie watching options. So many that it can be overwhelming. I’d guess around ninety percent of our time spent on Netflix is scrolling through thousands of movies and TV shows, before finally deciding on something three hours after you’ve first logged on. The aim of this column is to provide easily accessible Netflix suggestions based on a different focal point each week. Read More


Drew Goddard Confirms Involvement in DAREDEVIL Netflix Series

as a franchise, has nowhere to go but up, after that Ben Affleck travesty. Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, Lost) confirmed that he has joined the new Netflix Daredevil series that continues Netflix’s foray into original content, while band-wagoning on the massive trend of superhero everything.

It was wholly cool when Marvel first decided to build all of their films towards a great Avengers film but, as that was a fantastic idea, every superhero-owning studio and their mother now plan on beating that concept into the ground. Look no further than DC’s gearing towards a Justice League film, with Gal Gadot just cast as Wonder Woman for the yet untitled Superman vs. Batman and the X-Men series, which just announced an eighth film in X-Men: Apocalypse and has stirrings of a third Wolverine solo flick, who plan on teaming up with other Fox property The Fantastic Four (another project in the midst of a reboot) to do their own world building.

Netflix’s Daredevil series will build to a crossover miniseries called The Defenders, along with Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. There will be at least four thirteen-episode superhero shows set to build to The Defenders.

Netflix has really been stepping up their game in the original content department and are becoming serious contenders to premium channels like HBO, FX, and AMC. A few intertwined superhero shows might push them over the top to become the ratings champion of television, ushering in a whole new era of digital entertainment. Getting a fan favorite like Goddard to head up this first leg of a long process is definitely a step in the right direction. If superheroes are still in fashion by 2015, this could do very well. 


THE KILLING Is Saved…Again!


Talk about being dragged through the wringer. The Killing has now undergone two cancellations and, thanks to Netflix, two revivals. The first season was received rather well by critics and audiences for its dark, dark look at the murder of a young girl in Seattle. But when the first season finale didn’t wrap up the murder in question, the majority of audiences were unforgiving and failed to return for the second season. With such low numbers on the board, AMC pulled the plug for a third season.

With the demand of a few strongly-willed fans, Netflix stepped in to help finance a third season with AMC in exchange for a deal that included early broadcast rights. But no matter how much critical love this third season – which saw Peter Sarsgaard join the cast as an inmate on death row – received, the viewers still weren’t there. AMC yanked funding once more.

In an unprecedented move of television shifts, Netflix has now scooped up The Killing to air exclusively on their On Demand station for a six episode fourth season. Fans can rejoice in the fact that they will see the conclusion to the huge cliffhanger the third season walked away on as Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are already set to return.

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